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Sako-Jussi grey water filter

Sako Jussi is a grey water purifier most commonly used together with a chemical or biological filter. Sako -Jussi can also be used alone to purify bathing waters from a sauna or a bathroom. The nylon filter bag filtrates solid waste and grease

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Sako-Jussi is a lightweight and compact septic tank. This product is ideal for challenging locations, such as rocky areas or islands, where it is difficult to use large filters. The container can be placed underground or inside a thermal case (sold separately).

The device removes solid waste and grease but nitrogen and phosphorus only if they are in solid form.

The delivery includes: 1 pcs filter bags, 75 mm ventilation pipe (1 m), rain cap (for the pipe) and a t-branch.

Height 650 mm, diameter 560 mm.

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BioBox M grey water filter

BioBox  M is used for purifying dish and shower waters. The unit cleans up to 375 l iters / day. The BioBox M removes organic matter and nutrients to meet the highest standards for groundwater and shore areas, following the guidelines of : BOD 90% , P 85 % , N40 %.