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Biolan greywater filter Light

Uninsulated filter module for summer use. Capacity: 300 liters / day. The device can be installed above ground or partially underground.

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Using the Greywater Filter light

The purifier tolerates a small amount of anti-bacterial and chlorine-based agents that are commonly used for cleaning. Follow the dosing instructions issued by the manufacturer of the detergent.

Wastewater from a WC or dry toilet, rain- or stormwater, and the drainage water from foundations must not be fed into the filter. Toxic chemicals or substances that contain such chemicals, which can kill the micro-organisms that clean the wastewater, such as drain openers, paints, oils or solvents, must not be fed into the purifier. Harmful substances can be identified from the chemical markings on their packaging.

Storing the filter over winter

The filter material boxes are left inside the filter. Freezing of the filter material does not damage the unit. If the filter material is still frozen when the operation starts in spring, thaw it by pouring warm, clear water through the filter.

  • domestic and fully natural filter material
  • the filtering material should be replaced approx. every 100 days
  • height 58cm, depth 96cm, width 56cm
  • weight (without filtering material) 24kg


Biolan Light mittakuva

Biolan harmaavesisuodatin Light mittakuva

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Biolan Light käyttöohje

Biolan Light käyttöohje

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