Biolan grey water filter 125

The Biolan Greywater Filter 125 is a small purification plant for treating grey wastewater. The Greywater Filter cleans the washing, sauna, dish and laundry waters of a building. Any wastewater from a toilet must be collected into a separate closed tank, for example.

The Greywater Filter 125, equipped with a heating cable or installed in a heated space, is also suitable for year-round use.

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The treatment capacity of a filter installed in accordance with the instructions is about 500 litres per day, i.e. in practice the washing waters of 1–5 people. The cleaning capacity of the filter material is good for about 100 days, after which it needs to be replaced in accordance with the maintenance instructions.

The filter is made of frost-resistant materials and it is thermally insulated. The metal parts are of stainless steel. The unit is reliable in operation and long-lasting.  

  • A filter, which tolerates even longer operation breaks
  • a purifier of all water used for washing
  • capacity about 500 litres a day
  • to be installed above ground
  • domestic, ecological filter material
  • can be used even in winter
  • not suitable for urine waste
  • has to placed above ground (due to maintenance)

Product data:

  • Height 1230mm
  • Width 600mm
  • Depth 1000mm
  • Weight (when empty) 75kg


Biolan harmaavesisuodin 125

Biolan harmaavesisuodatin 125 käyttöohje

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Biolan 125 mittakuva

Biolan harmaavesisuodin 125 mitat

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