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Extension Part for GeoTrap Grey Water Purifier

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Available for Global Delivery

GeoTrap grey water purifier

Pikkuvihreä´s GeoTrap grey water purifier utilizes a natural silicate mineral mass, GeoTrap in capturing nutrients (eg. phosphorus, ammonium) from the waste water. GeoTrap has proven to have excellent results in purifying waste water in household use,  for waste water from bathroom, sauna and kitchen. GeoTrap purifier has a capacity of 300 l / day.

Available for Global Delivery

GeoTrap grease separating well

Pikkuvihreä´s GeoTrap grey water saparating well can be connected to the GeoTrap grey water purifier to increase the capacity of the purifying system. This is necessary if waste water from kitchen and especially from the dishwasher is led to the purifier. All grease and organic matter will stay in the first well and after that go into the GeoTrap purifier. With the grease separating well the GeoTrap purifier has a capacity of 600 l / day.