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Green Rock Iisi H1 grey water filter

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Green Rock Iisi is a light grey water filter which is suitable for a holiday house where all the water is carried from a well. It purifies up to 100 l water per day in a biological process. Iisi H1 does not need electricity to work and the filtering mass can be composted after use.


Green Rock Iisi H1 Sauna

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Biolan greywater filter Light

Uninsulated filter module for summer use. Capacity: 300 liters / day. The device can be installed above ground or partially underground.

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BioBox M grey water filter

BioBox  M is used for purifying dish and shower waters. The unit cleans up to 375 l iters / day. The BioBox M removes organic matter and nutrients to meet the highest standards for groundwater and shore areas, following the guidelines of : BOD 90% , P 85 % , N40 %.


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