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Vestelli Bio 4 grey water purifier

Complete effective system for grey water treatment with a single stand alone unit. Optimal solution with dry toilet for residential and leisure buildings.

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Purification is based on boosted oxidation.  Exceptionally high and officially tested performance.

Fullfills the highest purification requirements. Full functionality immediately after installation. Secure in all weather and soil conditions.

Fast and flexible installation without anchoring. Minor maintenance without filters, easy access to desludge.

Secure function, based on a free flow across the system. Stand alone unit. No need for a separate infiltration field. Attractive design enables properlandscaping at ground level.

Available upon order. The price does not include freight.


Vestelli gråvatten renare Bio 3

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Vestelli Biopuhdistaja 3 esite

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Vestelli Bioreactor 3 brochure

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