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Separett Villa 9010 dry toilet

In locations where there is no electricity, one can use a 12V Separett 9010. The ventilator can by powered by a battery or by a solar panel.

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12V, 100mA battery is enough for about 2 weeks.

The package contains: a child seat, ventilation pipe (Ø75mm, 40cm), 2m urine pipe (Ø32mm), 3 waste buckets (2 lids), a 90° elbow, 10 waste bags and a tube of silicon. 

  • Power 2-5W, 210mA, uses apprx. 0,06kWh/24 hours
  • Lenght 456mm
  • Depth 672mm
  • Height 541mm
  • Seating height 440mm

 We have a wide selection of Separett spare parts in our store.


Separett Villa 9010

Separett Villa 9010 Info

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