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Pikkuvihreä Urinal

Pikkuvihreä Urinal is a perfect additional solution for outhouses and toilets. The Urinal cuts off the liquid load from composting toilet itself and hence prevents unpresent odur. Moreover, collected urine is proved to be ideal fertilizer for gardening purposes.

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Option for a 20-liter urine canister
  • Without the urine canister
  • With the urine canister

Urinal has three main objectives:

- Firstly, it cuts off the liquid load from compoting toilet and thus prevents unwanted odur.

- Secondly, the urinal provides easy way to collect urine which can be used as a perfect fertalizer e.g. in garden.

- Thirdly, the urinal is popular, convenient and clean accessory for toilets.

Package includes: the urinal, urine hose (1.5 meters) and fixtures.

Color: Grey

Measurements: height 40 cm, width 30 cm, depth 20 cm

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