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Biolan urinal

Biolan urinal for outdoor use.

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The product is delivered with a double coupling (Ø32mm). In addition,  a flexible hose is available (sold by the meter). A scented capsule can be placed inside the bowl to prevent calsium to build up and bad odor (capsule sold separately).

When placing the urinal on site, the distance from wells and waterways should be considered. The liquid can be led through a filter (contact store for more information) or the container can be emptied into a composter. Depth 19cm, height 18cm, width 21cm. Color: brown.


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Pikkuvihreä Urinal

Pikkuvihreä Urinal is a perfect additional solution for outhouses and toilets. The Urinal cuts off the liquid load from composting toilet itself and hence prevents unpresent odur. Moreover, collected urine is proved to be ideal fertilizer for gardening purposes.