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SolarVenti Solar Panel SV3

SV3 solar panel is enough for a space of 10- 20m². SV3 can be installed on the wall or, alternatively, on the roof. T he fan and the panel are the same as SV2 (only the dimensions are different) .

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Panel dimensions: width 524mm, height 704mm, depth 55mm.

SolarVenti solar air heater gives you free heat everytime the sun shines. SolarVenti solar air heaters are ideal for the holiday homes. The device recycledry indoor air removingmold growth. The device requires no specificmaintenance.

SolarVenti solar air heater can be used in holiday homes, year-round in homes, workshops, garages, basements, warehouses, boats, etc.

Installation is easy and simple. The kit contains detailed installation instructions and all the appropriate fasteners. The panel can be mounted on the roof or on the wall, preferably on the southern side.


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SolarVenti Solar Panel SV7

SolarVenti solar air heaters are ideal for the summer cottages. The device recycles dry indoor air removing mold growth. The device does not require any specific maintenance.

SV7 be used for 15 -40m ² premises . The panel can be mounted vertically or horizontally.