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SolarVenti Solar Panel SV14

SolarVenti solar air heater produces free air every time the sun shines. SolarVenti solar air heaters are ideal for holiday homes.

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The device recycles dry indoor air, destroying mildew. The device does not require any specific maintenance and works independently.

SolarVenti solar air heater can be used in holiday homes, year-round in homes, workshops, garages, basements, warehouses, boats, etc.

The installation is very easy and simple and the device comes with installation instructions, and the proper fasteners. The panel can be mounted on the roof or on the wall, preferably on the southern side.

Panel dimensions: width 720 mm, length 1990 mm, thickness 105 mm.

V14 (for a space of 35- 70m²). SV14 produces about 60 m³ of approx. 30 °C air an hour. The panel is less than 2 m long and 72 cm wide, making it easy to install, either horizontally or vertically.



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