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Stikkan wall monted kindling wood splitter

The ingenious Stikkan® is a wall-mounted hand tool that produces kindling without hatchets, near misses or bending. Simply insert a piece of wood and lower the steel cutting wedge to produce your kindling supply. The best way to make kindling we've found yet!

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Mount Stikkan on your wood shed wall, by the fireplace or wood stove, or on the back porch. Stikkan was invented 1982 by Tormod Lie in Telemarken, Norway, and is now manufactured in Sweden. Durably crafted from cast iron with a black finish.

• Cast iron kindling maker

• The easy, safe and efficient way to make kindling

• Wall-mounted design with safety lock

• European design is durable and long-lasting

• The original Stikkan® - accept no imitations

For best results:

• Mount Stikkan at the proper height: approx. 48"H at the top screw holes

• Try softer woods like pine, spruce and birch, which work better than dense hardwoods

• Split fresh or green wood instead of seasoned, dry wood

• Use Stikkan for making kindling sticks, not as an axe for cutting large pieces of firewood

• Choose wood free of knots or curves