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Best Offer! Green Toilet Outhouse package is an all-inclusive dry toilet package which includes an outhouse building, Green Toilet 120 Family composting dry toilet, as well as a spare container and a wind fan. In addition to a thermal seat and dry material bag, the Green Toilet 120 Family includes all the necessary ventilation pipes and fixtures. The outhouse building is delivered with in elements painted inside. 

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Green Toilet outhouse package is all that you need for a proper new outhouse toilet! The package includes:

Outhouse building with a modern pent roof or a more traditional gabled roof and a window. Note! The roof includes a roofing felt!

Green Toilet 120 Family composting dry toilet, which includes everything you need for perfect outhouse toilet!

A spare container for the Green Toilet 120 Family

A Metallic wind fan


Outhouse Building specifications:





Made in Finland

Indoor color:


For more information about Green Toilet 120 Family composting dry toilet click here! 


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