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Separett Cindi Family incinerating toilet

CINDI® Family is the latest in a line of incinerating toilets from Separett. In design, function and comfort it is comparable with a regular water toilet. It operates at a high temperature and incinerates the toilet waste, both solids and liquids, leaving only a small amount of ash to handle.

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CINDI® Family is optimized for use in a tiny house, in the familys cabin or in any building that isn’t connected to the regular sewer system. It only needs ventilation and Power (230V) to function. It has the capacity to handle toilet waste from up to six persons in the household. It is used when needed, even if someone else has just visited the toilet. It keeps track on how many uses and adapts the incinerating length to meet the demand.

  • Voltage 230 V
  • Power 1 800 W
  • Fuse 10 amp
  • Energy consumption 0,4-1,7kWh/visit
  • Power cord Cord 1,9 meters with earthed plug
  • Noise 55dB (A)
  • Maximum load 150 kg
  • Material (top) Recyclable ABS
  • Material (bottom) White painted galvanized steel
  • Material (ash tray) Stainless steel
  • Package size L:77 W:46 H:73 cm
  • Package weight approx. 42 kg


Separett Cindi

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