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Cinderella Comfort -incinerating toilet

Cinderella Comfort is one of the latest incinerating toilets on the market. Odourless incinerating toilet doesn't require any water or sewage connection.

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Electric Cinderella Comfort is a odourless incinerating toilet that doesn't require:

-          Water or sewage connection

-          Container or composting

-          Desiccant or chemicals

-          Warm place

-          Daily monitoring

It can take uneven stress and handles most of the sewage. It can even last 12 persons occasional use.

Lid is always closed after the use and incinerating can be started with start button. Incinerating takes from 30 minutes to 180 minutes depending on usage. Cinderella Comfort completely incinerates waste into ash. It also informs when the emptying is needed.

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