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GeoTrap filtering mass

GeoTrap mass for grey water filtering. The package consist of two bags of filtering material, each 10 kg.

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The bag A is GeoTrap nutrient trap and mass B coarse mineral sand. They are put into the GeoTrap (or other) grey water purifier according to the manufacturer´s instruction. During the use of the purifier, it is possible to intensify the purification by adding mass A (GeoTrap) to the filter.

GeoTrap is a natural silicate mineral intended for use in dry toilets and grey water purifiers. It removes odors and captures valuable nutrients. The unique feature of GeoTrap is the ability to retain ammonium and phosphorus in itself, thus preventing source/ groundwater contamination and eutrophication.


GeoTrap asennus- ja käyttöohje

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GeoTrap gråvattenfilter brochyr

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Available for Global Delivery

GeoTrap grey water purifier

Pikkuvihreä´s GeoTrap grey water purifier utilizes a natural silicate mineral mass, GeoTrap in capturing nutrients (eg. phosphorus, ammonium) from the waste water. GeoTrap has proven to have excellent results in purifying waste water in household use,  for waste water from bathroom, sauna and kitchen. GeoTrap purifier has a capacity of 300 l / day.