TOP 16 replacement filter mass for Willa

Filtra P- vaihtosuodatinmassa Willa- harmaavesisuodattimeen. Säkin paino on 18kg.

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Replacement material for Willa filter

TOP 16 is a lime-based granular filtermass, which effectively cleans the wastewater of phosphorus and bacteria. The cleansing power of the mass causes the water pH to rise, which precipitates the phosphorus and therefore prevents bacterial growth.

Filtering material consists of lime, gypsum and iron compounds. During the cleansing process, the filter mass does not condense or deform. The filtering material should be changed every 1-2 years, depending on the usage. Used phosphorus mass is not harmful to the environment and can be used, for example as soil amendment or in a compost.

Product packaging is non-toxic plastic, which may be disposed of by burning. The shipment includes 2 bags (15kg each).

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