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Pikkuvihreä's Dry toilet package

Pikkuvihreä’s dry toilet package is a modern turnkey solution for homes and summer cottages! Equipped with electric duct fan, the dry toilet is completely odorless and thus pleasant to use. Thanks to its advanced design, the dry toilet is effortless to maintain as the ventilation pipes need not to be detached nor any tools are needed.    

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Pikkuvihreä’s dry toilet package has modern looks and is completely odourless, waterless toilet solution. The odourfree toilet experience is guaranteed by electrical duct fan, which sucks all unpleasant smells totally. The dry toilet itself separates urine from solid waste by using in-built “backwall”.  

The dry toilet is extremely easy to maintain, because it has two nested containers – an inner and an outer container. Eventually when the dry toilet becomes full, the inner container can easily be lifted and carried out for emptying. To prevent liquid leakages, the toilet has a unique valve that closes the liquid hose during maintenance. The process of emptying the toilet requires no tools or fixtures thanks to brilliant engineering.

The dry toilet package includes:

- Dry toilet including the inner and outer containers

- Ventilation pipes (4 x 500 mm, diameter 75 mm)

- Connectors for ventilation pipes (3 x 90 mm, diameter 76 mm)

- Excess liquid hose (length 2000 mm, diameter 27 mm)

- Hose fixture for connecting the liquid hose

- A ladle for dry material

- Instructions for use

In addition, the package includes:

- Pikkuvihreä’s electric duct fan (length 29 cm, diameter 75 mm; cable length 1250 mm) (Link to the product)

- Ventilation pipe hat and connector

- Canister for excess liquid (20 liters) (Link to the product)

- Dry material bag (25 liters)   

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