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Piteco 905 dry toilet

New generation of peat toilets is here: Piteco 905. Due to careful design, Piteco is both easy to assembly and use as well as empty. It has a large container of 120 l which is especially necessary in large households or those who do not want to service the toilet often.

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Piteco can be placed freely on the floor. Only holes for ventilation and drain tube are needed, no electricity or sewage drain. The service is extremely easy: The whole toilet can be moved on its wheels out of the dock and taken out for emptying. There is an automatic valve in the bottom of Piteco which will be closed during emptying.

The user can add peat after each use by turning the handle on the toilet. The peat will ensure odor-free toilet and speed up the composting process.

Measurements: H 540 mm x W 615 mm x L 835 mm

Weight. 15 kg

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Piteco 506 dry toilet

Piteco 506 represents new generation in dry toilets: ease of use, odor-free and simple assembly. No electricity, no sewage - Piteco separates urine from the solid waste, has an effective ventilation system and an easy way of adding peat to the container.

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