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Piteco 506 dry toilet

Piteco 506 represents new generation in dry toilets: ease of use, odor-free and simple assembly. No electricity, no sewage - Piteco separates urine from the solid waste, has an effective ventilation system and an easy way of adding peat to the container.

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Accessory: ventilation fan
  • Without ventilation fan (+0,00 €)
  • Electric duct fan (+69,00 €)
  • Aluminium wind fan (+79,00 €)

Piteco is made of hygienic, durable polypropylene plastic. The toilet can be placed directly on a floor. The container of solid waste is 44 l.

Piteco´s emptying system is especially carefree: when the container is full, the top part is removed and the inner container is taken out. No special tools are needed, both ventilation and urine pipes can stay connected. Piteco has an automatic valve which closes automatically during emptying.

Measurements: H 590 mm x L 706 mm X W 390 mm. Seating height at 420 mm.

Package includes: toilet waste container, toilet seat with lid, four ventilation pipes (500 mm; Ø75 mm), ventilation pipe fixtures (90 mm; Ø76 mm), liquid hose (2000 mm; Ø27 mm), hose fixtures, ladle, instruction manual.


Kuivikekäymälä 506 käyttöohje FI

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Dry Toilet 506 Manual

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