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Privetti freezing toilet

Privetti®- freezing toilet. No sewers, no ventilation - all you need is electricity. Biodegradable composting bags are delivered with the toilet.

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Privetti® freezes both solid and liquid waste. It is totally odourless and therefore it can be placed next to eg. bed if needed. Also, the assembly is easier that in any other dry toilet: only electricity is needed - no ventilation or sewer.

Once the container is almost full, it is emptied into a composter. The bio-bag is replaced, the bucket is put back inside the freezer and the toilet is ready to be used again. In a below zero- temperature the bacteria stops causing odor.

Manufactured in Finland. The package contains one styrofoam seat and a roll of biodegradable waste bags.

  • Height: 470mm
  • Width: 440mm
  • Depth: 630mm
  • Power: 60W
  • Weight: 36 kg
  • Waste bucket volume: 25 liters
  • Voltage: 230V
  • 2 years guarantee

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BioBag 35 liter waste bag

BioBag is suitable for Privetti freezing toilet . The capacity of one bag is 35 liters and the roll has 40 bags . The bag can also be used for Separett Villa 9000 waste container. Biobag is the leading brand in manufacturing biodegradable bags.

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Toilet support

Portable support for Privetti- and Separett- toilets. Applicable to other toilets as well.

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Green composter for toilet waste

Pikkuvihreä´s Green toilet waste composter is suitable for composting all kinds of toilet waste. The container separates the liquid from the solid waste and has a canister for collecting the excess liquid. The volume is 330 litres and Green has sturdy wheels for moving the container around.