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UV-3 Purifier

Watts UV- 3 produces high quality drinking water by using ultra- violet light. Ultraviolet light has been used for several years for purification of bottled water. Now you can get a top quality ultra -violet light for your home , your holiday home , RV or boat.

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Three phase cleaning: 5-micron pre-filter removes dirt, sand and rust1-micron activated carbon improves the smell and taste.  Finally an ultraviolet disinfection to kill bacteria. Quick and easy to install.

The device improves drinking water by reducing lead and chlorine
. Excellent for holiday homes, RV's and boats. The package contains a faucet but the device can also be connected directly to the cold water line. Operating Temperature: Min. 4.4 ° C Max. 37.8 ° C. Water Pressure: Min. 1.40 kg/cm2 Max.7.03 kg/cm2. Water Ph: Min 5 Max 10 Max. Flow rate: about 1.9 l / min

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