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Drinking water filter JV Purifier 2

Removes foul smells and taste, possible viral or bacterial problems and impurities (such as sand, mud and rust) from drinking water. This package has sediment removal and carbon block filters.

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Removes: Bacteria, 99.99%, viruses 99.99%, chlorine 98.00% and 96.5% of aromas and taste.

height 32 cm, width 29 cm, depth 12 cm

Suitable for apartment, house, townhouse, cottage use, boats and motor homes.

Filters 7500 l filter, change interval every 6 months.

Easy to install. No need for a separate power. Works with water pressure. The operating pressure

1.4 - 5.97 kg / cm 2.

Yields (depending on the pressure) 300 - 400 liters/ an hour.

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