Our motto: Naturalia non sunt turpia - What is natural is not dirty

Pikkuvihreä is founded in 1992, a family-owned company specializing in dry toilet solutions, water purifiers and composting. 

We offer products and solutions both to private cottages and homes as well as to public sites, such as marinas, camping sites, natural parks etc.

You can find our dry toilets in every continent; from Peru Macchu Pichu to New Caledonia

  • over 25 years as a leading professional in dry toilet technology
  • over 1000 orders through web shop
  • 98% customer satisfaction


International development

Pikkuvihreä has taken part in World Toilet Summit- conference in Singapore 2001, Beijingissä 2004 and in Philadelphia 2010. Pikkuvihreä has been awarded with Agenda21 enviroment prize in 1998 and 2005.

Wide selection of products

We offer a wide selection of products because we know that different needs call for different solutions. Contact us if you have a dry toilet project - we can help!