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Green Toilet Lux composting toilet for indoors

Green Toilet Lux is a complete dry toilet solution with a porcelain pedestal.

Green Toilet LUX ideal for sites where there is space below the bathroom floor available. The package includes the Green Toilet composting toilet container, a spare container, a porcelain pedestal, a quality duct fan, ventilation pipes with fixtures.

Green Toilet LUX has many advantages compared with other dry toilets and it has many happy users around the world already!

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Green Toilet LUX is a composting toilet system combined with a porcelain pedestal. Excellent choice to home or holiday home for many reasons:

  • The service and storage of the dry toilet is in a separate space below the actual bathroom
  • The porcelain pedestal looks and works like the traditional water closet, so there is no need for instructions for the users
  • Thanks to the waste pipe, there is no sight to the compost or the feaces
  • The capacity of this solution is good: eg. the 120 l Green Toilet can serve 2-4 persons in continuous use
  • With spare containers, the capacity is practically limitless
  • It is a durable: the only moving part is the duct fan which has 3 years guarantee
  • It is highly ecological and energy efficient choice

The basic package includes:

  • Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet
  • Green Toilet 120 spare container
  • Porcelain pedestal (non separating)
  • AirRoxy duct fan
  • Ventilation pipes 3 x 100 cm (+fixtures and a ventilation hat)
  • Waste shaft 100 cm, diam 20 cm (shorter or longer ones also available)

Options: Larger Green Toilet 330 liter containers, urine separating porcelain pedestal (other parts as listed above). For sites where there is no electricity available, the duct fan can be replaced with a wind fan.


Green Toilet Lux Esite

Green Toilet Lux Esite

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Green Toilet Lux manuaali FI

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Green Toilet LUX manual ENG

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Available for Global Delivery

Separating porcelain toilet seat

The seat can be used with a composting toilet container placed in the basement (eg.Green Toilet 330®). The liquid is diverted into a waste water refinery or container or the sewer system. The toilet has a minimal flush (optional) for cleaning the urine bowl. The seat looks like a regular, high quality toilet seat.

Green Toilet composting dry toilet
Available for Global Delivery

Green Toilet 330 composting toilet

Green Toilet 330® is an ideal solution for many sites outside a sewage system and lacking running water and/or electricity. Green Toilet doesn't waste water and even the human waste can be reused ecologically as fertilizer. With an adequate number or spare containers, the Green Toilet has unlimited capacity.