Green Toilet dry toilet and the spare container
  • Green Toilet dry toilet and the spare container
  • Green Toilet assembled at the back of an outhouse
  • Green Toilet composting toilet
  • Green Toilet has a capillary bottom to speed up the composting

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Package Green Toilet 330 composting toilet + spare container

Green Toilet 330® is an ideal solution for many sites outside a sewage system and lacking running water and/or electricity. Green Toilet doesn't waste water and even the human waste can be reused ecologically as fertilizer. With an adequate number or spare containers, the Green Toilet has unlimited capacity. Green Toilet presentation video

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Green toilet has a capacity of 330 liters. When the container is nearly full, it can be either emptied and returned or replaced with a spare container. The waste can then be left to decompose either inside the Green Toilet spare container or in a separate composter. Wheels make it easy to move the tank. For all year round use, the Green Toilet can be equipped with a heat conductor.

Green Toilet has a special capacity to compost due to its capillary floor which allows the urea to be absorbed back to the mass to speed up the composting process. Rest of the liquid evaporates through the ventilation pipe.

Dimensions: height 92cm, depth 82cm, lenght 72cm. Weight of the package approx. 35 kg..

The delivery includes wheels, liquid tank +  hose (for collecting the extra liquid the mulch can't absorb, recycled material), ventilation pipes (wind fan not included) with a cap and fasteners and a sack of covering material (peat) and a thermal (styrofoam) seat.

The bigger Green Toilet 330 is suitable for private use when there are many users for the toilet or you want long service intervals. Green Toilet 330 has also been used in numerous public sites: marinas, summer cafees, nature trails etc. The capacity of Green Toilet is practically limitless with spare containers. We can assist in planning your dry toilet solution to a public use - contact us for assistance. See also our reference list.


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