Green Toilet Family 120 composting toilet
  • Green Toilet Family 120 composting toilet
  • Green Toilet composting dry toilet
  • Green Toilet Family and a spare container
  • Green Toilet Family has an adjustable shaft
  • Capillary base of the Green Toilet

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Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet

Green Toilet Family is the smaller version of Green Toilets. It is suitable for eg. one family at a summer cottage. The container is equipped with wheels and a urine tube, so the emptying is easy and does not require special force. 

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Green Toilet has a special capillary bottom which allows some of urine to be absorbed back to the composting solid waste. This feature speeds up the composting process significantly. The waste shaft is adjustable and therefore Green Toilet is easy to fit in to old outhouses as well.

Green Toilet family is:

  • composting
  • ecological
  • odor-free
  • unlimited capacity (with a spare tank)
  • easily maintained
  • durable
  • low-cost
  • works without electricity or water
  • produces fertilizer for the garden
  • designed and manufactured in Finland

Green Toilet Family package contains:

  • container (120 litres)
  • urine tube with a clutch
  • ventilation pipes with a cap
  • shaft (diam. 20 cm)
  • urine container
  • styrofoam seat


Green Toilet asennus ja käyttö

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Green Toilet brochure

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Green Toilet esite

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Green Toilet manual

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GT 120 Install & Use

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Green Toilet 120 Family mitat

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Green Toilet kokoonpano FI

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GT 120 Family measurements

Green Toilet 120 Family measurements

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