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Biolan Eco composting toilet

The composting toilet Biolan Eco is an odourless, tidy and environmentally friendly toilet. The thermally insulated construction of the composter produces compost rapidly and also enables the composting of household waste. Its operating principle is natural so it requires neither water nor electricity supply.

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Biolan Eco composting toilet is suitable for the use of 1-6 persons. 

  • Made in Finland
  • efficiently composts the solid waste
  • composts also household biowaste
  • collects the seep liquid
  • thermally insulated construction
  • natural ventilation
  • odourless and comfortable to use
  • durable thermal seat: Pehvakka
  • easy-to-clean surfaces
  • convenient and odourless emptying
  • long emptying interval
  • manufactured in a factory that is powered by wind
  • guarantee: 20 years

Volume: 200 litres.

Dimensions: bottom 54cm x 54cm, top 65cm x 65cm. Height 97cm, weight (when empty) approx. 24 kg.

Delivery contains 2 bags of covering material (mulch).

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