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Green composter for toilet waste

Pikkuvihreä´s Green toilet waste composter is suitable for composting all kinds of toilet waste. The container separates the liquid from the solid waste and has a canister for collecting the excess liquid. The volume is 330 litres and Green has sturdy wheels for moving the container around.

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The composting mass gets air through ventilation on the sides of the container and on the top. There is a handle on the lid.

Included in the package: the composter with the double separating base, liquid pipe, a canister, wheels

The measurements are:

  • height 920 mm
  • width 660 mm
  • depht 820 mm
  • volume 330 l
  • material LDPE-plastic
  • manufactured in Finland

it is recommended to compost toilet waste for at least a year in a closed composter. If the waste is wet, Green separates the liquid waste to a canister and you can eg. pour it again to the composting mass to boost the composting process (urea has a boosting effect). Also, you can compost eg. dry garden leaves etc. with the toilet waste. That will help to keep the moisture in the compost right.

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