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Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter

Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter is the king of all kitchen composters!

Tumbling Composter has a rolling drum which you can rotate to mix the compost mass and boost composting process. In addition, the Tumbling Composter is equipped with ventilation holes, sturdy wheels and matt black color to create the ideal conditions for speedy composting process.

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Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter is specially designed to create ideal conditions for efficient composting process without the effort of having to work the compost with mixers and sticks. With the Tumbling Composter, you can create perfect soil and fertilizer from your kitchen waste within the matter of weeks!

Traditional home composters usually make the compost mass to pack airtight causing the composting process to slow down or even stop. Therefore, many composter models require mixing with a stick or special mixer to make the air flow inside the compost mass again. However, in the Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter the problem is solved with a brilliant rolling design and carefully placed ventilation holes. All you need to do is rotate the drum – and air will flow in and the compost mass gets mixed. Hence the composting process is significantly more efficient and speedy. The tumbling composter even has special mixing spikes inside to mix the compost mass just perfectly.

The Tumbling Composter has sturdy wheels which make it easy to move around. The handle parts are made of metal in order to guarantee long-term use. The emptying is effortless, as you can just roll the composter to the emptying site and turn the drum upside down.

Special attention has also been given to the color of the Tumbling Composter. The matt black color takes full advantage of sun’s natural heating power. During a warm summer day, the Tumbling Composter may heat up to 50 * Celsius degrees making the kitchen waste to compost in matter of weeks.


Technical details

·         Height: 88 cm

·         Height without the handle: 76 cm

·         Width: 100 cm

·         Depth: 64 cm

·         Weight: 17.5 kg

  • Volume: 190 L


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