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GeoTrap Dry toilet filter

GeoTrap Dry toilet filter purifies seap liquid of dry toilets with unique GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral sand. Thanks to GeoTrap Dry toilet filter and mineral sand, the seap liquids can securely be led back to environment. GeoTrap Dry toilet filter makes the use of dry toilets more convenient as there is no longer need to collect and treat the seap liquids separately. 

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GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is meant to purify seap liquid of dry toilets. The purification of GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is based on GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral sand which absorbs nutrients (eg. phosphorous and nitrogen) from the seap liquid. GeoTrap Dry toilet filter is an excellent accessory for all dry toilets. 

GeoTrap Dry toilet filter does not apply primarily to dry toilets that directly separate urine from excreta. Also. the seap liquid outflow hose should not be lead straight to water, but preferably to ground, for example to large trees or plants. 

GeoTrap Dry toilet filter package includes all the necessary equipment: a filter container, a lid, in- and outflow hose and the GeoTrap filtering mass (9 kg).

More information about the GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral sand can be found behind this LINK.

In seasonal private holiday home use, the filter mass should be replaced once a year. In public use, the filter material must be replaced 1-3 times a year depending on the use of the toilet. 

Measurements and weight:

  • Height of the filter container: 45 cm
  • Diameter of the filter container: 40 cm
  • Weight without the GeoTrap mineral masses: 2 kg 
  • Weight with the GeoTrap mineral masses: 10,5 kg
  • Length of the in and outflow hose: 1,5 m / diameter 32 mm

Water of a water closet or other grey water must not be lead into GeoTrap Dry toilet filter. During wintertime, the GeoTrap Dry toilet filter can be let to freeze. However, the GeoTrap Nutrient Trap mineral sand needs to melt in order for the filter to function. 


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