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Biolan Compost and toilet bulking material 40 l

Biolan Compost and Toilet Bulking Material is a blend made of pure, dried and ground conifer bark, wood and peat for composting and dry toilets. 

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Its composition is adequately rough for use especially as bedding in a Composting Toilet. Studies show that the Komposti and Huussi Dry Bedding is an excellent blend for domestic composting. Use it regularly in a compost to keep the mass loose and to ensure efficient and odourless composting.

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Biolan peat container

The container can be placed near the composter or a dry toilet and filled with the proper Biolan covering material. Made from recycled plastic. The container has a hinged and lockable lid and a metal handle for carrying.

  • Cover dimensions: 30x40cm.
  • Bottom: 31.5x22cm
  • Height 59.5cm