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Flexible hose 1m

Threaded, durable hose for dry toilets or urinals. Sold by meter.

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Ø32mm. Suitable for eg. Green Toilet and urinals. Can also be adapted to other toilets (contact store for further information). Colour: black

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Pikkuvihreä Urinal

Pikkuvihreä Urinal is a perfect additional solution for outhouses and toilets. The Urinal cuts off the liquid load from composting toilet itself and hence prevents unpresent odur. Moreover, collected urine is proved to be ideal fertilizer for gardening purposes.

Available for Global Delivery

Urine canister

20 Liter urine canister is used to collect valuable urine from urinals. Be aware that urine is ideal fertilizer for many plants and flowers. The canister is also a spare part for composting toilets (e.g. Green Toilet).