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Biolan Suotis filter

Suotis is a product designed for urine treatment. The urine that the covering material inside a composting toilet isn't able to absorb is led through a filter inside the Suotis container. The urine may then be released into the soil.

Tax included

  • a biochemical filter for liquid separated on the bottom of the dry toilet
  • after treatment the liquid can be conducted directly to the nature
  • no electricity supply required
  • the purification capacity of the filter masses is about 60 l of seep liquid
  • dimensions (width x height x depth): 235 x 475 x 560 mm
  • pipe connectors: Ø 19 - 32 mm
  • height difference of inlet and outlet connectors: 55 mm (height of fall)
  • maximum capacity: about 5 litres per hour
  • weight including the masses: about 27 kg