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Gold Potty

A combined water jug and a potty. A fun way to make get valuable fertilizer to your garden.

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Product information:

  • designed and manufactured in Sweden
  • nice gift package
  • weight 1 kg, with package 1,4 kg
  • seating height 26 cm (good idea to use on a higher )
  • lenght 60 cm (without the handle)
  • volume about 10 l
  • can carry up to 150 kg
  • handle can be taken off
  • also a lid included

This is how you use Gold Potty:

1. Place the potty on a sturdy, flat place in your garden

2. Sit on it and pee

3. Add water with ratio abt. 1:10

4. water the garden with this excellent fertilizer

5. congratule yourself for the eco-friendly act and tell others about this possibility

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