Low-flushing toilets

Low-flushing toilets use a lot less water than normal toilets do. They are much more ecological and economical because they save water. Low-flushing toilets or water saving toilets are well suitable for houses and holiday homes with connection to sewage system or septic tank. 

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Low-flushing toilets

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EcoFlush Ultra low flushing toilet

In some cases, a dry toilet is not an option, but did you know that the water toilet can also be more ecological. EcoFlush is a ultra-low-flushing toilet that can save up to 80 % of water compared to a normal water toilet. EcoFlush has been designed to minimize use of water for flushing and concentrate it only when it is needed. Thanks to EcoFlush’s innovation, tons of water, nature and money can be saved. EcoFlush can be installed instead of a normal water toilet anywhere.