Pellet Stoves

Pellet is an ecological and efficient means of heating in many places. Take a look at our selection and choose your own favorite. We have several models of pellet stoves in use in our showroom for customers to see.

Pellet Stoves

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DEA ECO 6 Pellet Stove

DEA ECO 6 represents high quality and elegant pellet stoves by which you can warm your house efficiently and economically. The pellet stove glows warm air pleasantly and creates a nice atmosphere to the space where is comfy to relax. 

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Pellet Stove - DRAIN

Ceramic pellet stove DRAIN combines harmony, elegance and attention to detail in a way that results a unique source of heat that fits into all environments. Underneath the classical looks, there is a high-quality modern pellet stove with best-in-class technology. 

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Pellettitakka - Akemi

Alongside heat, stylish pellet stove Akemi brings dignity to your home with elegant, streamlined design and little details. Akemi pellet stove is equipped with competitive technology and does make an impression. Akemi automatically doses, lights and maintains desired room temperature.  

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Pellettitakka - Biscotto

Pellet Stove Biscotto is versatile and efficient heat solution for multiple needs. Equipped with top technology, Biscotto automatically doses, lights and burn pellet purely maintaining the desired room temperature. In addition to room heating, Biscotto enables you to heat up food in an oven above the stove.