Styrofoam seats

Here you will find comfortable and warm styrofoam seats for your dry toilet. A thermal seat will keep the outhouse seat warm feeling even when the toilet is used in year around in cool temperatures. An insulated seat is a must have accessory. Please note, that the styrofoam seat should be replaced with a new one whenever it becomes worn-out to keep the toilet hygienic.

Styrofoam seats

insulated toilet seat for outhouse
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Styrofoam seat for outhouse

Insulated toilet seat for an outhouse. The styrofoam seat brings extra comfort to the use of the toilet especially during the cold weather. The package comes with a hardboard as well as all the nails and fixtures needed for the installation. Thanks to the hardboard, the styrofoam seat can be fastened to almost any type of openings of the toilet.

insulated seat for outhouse
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Separett styrofoam seat

Separett thermal seat can be used as either a spare part for the Separett Privy -separating seat or as a regular toilet seat for an outhouse. Available in three colors: blue, black and grey.

Thermal seat for outhouse
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Biolan Pehvakka thermal seat

Pehvakka thermal seat brings comfort to the use of an outhouse during cold weather. Pehvakka model has a similar lid as a normal toilet seat and it is fixed with hinge pins (included)

Urine separating insulated seat
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Separett urine separating thermal seat

Separett Privy 500 is a urine-separation kit that can easily be fitted in an existing outhouse toilet. Urine and solids are kept separate, which helps to prevent unpleasant odors and reduce the amount of waste to deal with. The urine is let out through a hose to a eg. canister or a tank.

Available for Global Delivery

Thermal seat for freezing toilet

Styrofoam seat to be used with Privetti freezing toilet. 

This insulated seat can be used with freezing toilets, such as Biolan and Separett freezing toilet.