Urinal for men is a good supplement to a dry toilet. It helps to take the load off from the dry toilet itself and decreases the amount of waste to be handled.


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Pikkuvihreä Urinal

Pikkuvihreä Urinal is a perfect additional solution for outhouses and toilets. The Urinal cuts off the liquid load from composting toilet itself and hence prevents unpresent odur. Moreover, collected urine is proved to be ideal fertilizer for gardening purposes.

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Separett urine toilet Pee 1010

Separett Pee is a toilet specially designed to handle urine. It is a perfect solution for your garden home when you need to have a simple toilet for urine close by or as a complement to eg. enhance the capacity of your incinerating or freezing toilet. It can be used by both women and men.

Separett 1010 does not need water or electricity to work.

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Drain trap

Drain trap for eg. urinals. Prevents bad odours from the drain.

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Urine canister

20 Liter urine canister is used to collect valuable urine from urinals. Be aware that urine is ideal fertilizer for many plants and flowers. The canister is also a spare part for composting toilets (e.g. Green Toilet).

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Gold Potty

A combined water jug and a potty. A fun way to make get valuable fertilizer to your garden.