Chamber pots

There are several modern versions of the old-fashioned chamber pot. They are handy in many places: at the cottage during night, for sick or disabled persons, during home renovation etc.

Chamber pots

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Chamber pot Pikkula

Pikkuvihrea's Pikkula is a chamber pot for many use: during nighttime or renovation works. The package consists of a sturdy waste bin, a tight lid and a seat with a lid.

Height 45 cm, Ø40 cm.

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Chamber pot Ekopikkula

Chamber pot for temporary use (for example, during construction) or for night-time use at a holiday home or by a sickbed.

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Separett Sanitoa dry toilet

Sanitoa is a simple and sturdy toilet solution where mobility and easy access is required.

It’s perfect as a temporary toilet in your guestroom, garden house och cottage. All toilet waste is collected in the same waste container and no mechanical ventilation is available. Therefore we recommend that you empty the waste container on a every day basis.

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Handicap toilet seat

A toilet seat for handicapped. Can be used as a support with a regular toilet seat or as a nighttime portable toilet.

kantokahva Pikkulaan
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Handle for waste bin

Handle for carrying chamber pot Pikkula. Easy to fasten, easy to take off. Made of sturdy metal, rubber handlebar. Weight 1,1 kg. 

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Separett urine toilet Pee 1010

Separett Pee is a toilet specially designed to handle urine. It is a perfect solution for your garden home when you need to have a simple toilet for urine close by or as a complement to eg. enhance the capacity of your incinerating or freezing toilet. It can be used by both women and men.

Separett 1010 does not need water or electricity to work.

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