Incinerating toilets

Incinerating toilet burns the waste, both solid and liquid, to ashes. It is a good choice if the users do not or can not handle the waste otherwise. 

Incinerating toilets

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Separett Cindi Family incinerating toilet

CINDI® Family is the latest in a line of incinerating toilets from Separett. In design, function and comfort it is comparable with a regular water toilet. It operates at a high temperature and incinerates the toilet waste, both solids and liquids, leaving only a small amount of ash to handle.

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Separett Flame bowl liners

The wax-coated paper is placed inside the bowl prior to each use. It helps to keep the bowl clean and prevents the liquid from entering the incinerating chamber prematurely.

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Holder for bowl liners

A metal holder for bowl liners of an incinerating toilet. Suitable for most bowl liners. Keeps the liners neat and at hand.