Incinerating toilets

By the end of year 2019, we in Pikkuvihrea have decided to give up the sales of incinerating toilets completely. We finally faced the fact that burning toilet waste is highly non-ecological. The high energy consumption, losing of the valuable nutrients and technical problems are some of the reasons behind our decision. It is obvious that selling incinerating toilets would be against our company values.

To the customers, who are mainly seeking for a toilet system, that would be as easy as possible to maintain, we can offer eg. vacuum toilet systems. They are far more reliable in use, cost effective and more ecological than any incinerating toilet. Please, ask more from us.

Please note, that we will continue to sell supplies to incinerating toilets, as many customers are used to buy eg. bowl liners from us.

Incinerating toilets

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Holder for bowl liners

A metal holder for bowl liners of an incinerating toilet. Suitable for most bowl liners. Keeps the liners neat and at hand.