Freezing toilets

Freezing toilet is easy to assembly and easy to use. Freezing the waste will stop the microbiological process completely and no odour is built up.

In many holiday homes a freezing toilet is used together with a composting toilet. Inside the house freezing toilet is used eg. during winter, night time and the composting privy otherwise. The waste from the freezing toilet can be put into the composting toilet tank.

Freezing toilets

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Privetti freezing toilet

Privetti®- freezing toilet. No sewers, no ventilation - all you need is electricity. Biodegradable composting bags are delivered with the toilet. Pikkuvihrea's new Privetti model has a heated seat to give extra comfort and a sturdy handle to help moving the toilet.

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Green composter for toilet waste

Pikkuvihreä´s Green toilet waste composter is suitable for composting all kinds of toilet waste. The container separates the liquid from the solid waste and has a canister for collecting the excess liquid. The volume is 330 litres and Green has sturdy wheels for moving the container around.