At Pikkuvihreä we have a selection of outhouse buildings both as delivered as elements or ready-to-use models. Most of our outhouses can accommodate different dry toilet models: Green Toilet, Biolan, Piteco etc. Pikkuvihreä also offers special models, such as outhouses for public/disabled use.

All of our outhouses are quality models produced in Finland. Please note that most of the prices here do not include the freight. However, we are happy to give you a quotation of the assembly and freight if needed. Contact us for more information!


Log outhouse

Spacious outhouse made of logs in Finland. The package includes unpainted, ready-to-assembly logs and the door with fixtures (no roof material included)


Modern Uusihuussi outhouse

Our modern Uusihuussi outhouse is easy to assemble and suitable for an average household use. Uusihuussi comes as unpainted elements packed on a pallet and can be made to accommodate eg. Green Toilet 330®-,  Biolan-, or  Euromakki- toilet (sold separately). The package includes everything needed for the assembly.

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Isohuussi - large outhouse

Isohuussi is a traditional, large outhouse, which is delivered as unpainted elements. The price does not include possible freight cost. Please contact our store for more information.


Isohuussi privy with pent roof

Isohuussi is a large privy house with a pent roof.

It is delivered as unpainted elements. The package includes everything that is needed for the assembly, also the roof material.

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Pikkula small outhouse

Pikkula is a small outhouse which can be ordered ready for various dry toilets, eg. Green Toilet Family or Euromakki. Pikkula outhouse is delivered unpainted, as ready elements. Also the roof material is included.

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Two compartment outhouse

The two compartment model can be built as a two compartment toilet (one for ladies, one for men), a toilet and a storage or as a large, single compartment toilet. Can be made to accommodate a Green Toilet 330®-, a Biolan-,  or an Euromakki- toilet.

Please note, the price does not include possible freight. 


Two compartment outhouse w/ pent roof

The two compartment model can be built as a two compartment toilet (eg. one for ladies, one for men) or toilet and a storage or as a large, single compartment toilet. Can be made to accommodate eg. Green Toilet, Biolan-, or Euromakki- toilet (sold separately).

The price does not include freight. For transportation price, please contact us.

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Portable toilet

Chemical toilet for job sites etc. Compatible with the state requirements. In regular use the toilet needs to be emptied once every 4 to 6 months.  Exterior 106cm x 106cm x 233cm. Interior 100cm x 100cm x 212cm.

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Dry Toilet Container

Pikkuvihreä´s dry toilet container is a solution to toilet needs in areas where there is no drain, water or electricity available. The container can be equipped with 3-5 toilets and eg. storage space and hand washing corner. The container is easily movable from one site to another. The toilet itself is composting Green Toilet 330 which needs no electricity to work. 


Omahuussi for handicapped

Omahuussi for Handicapped is ideal for private and public use. The measurements are suitable for use with a wheelchair and there are rails for users to grab.