You can produce your own fertilizers and deal with your organic waste in your own backyard with right kind of composters and accessories. 


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Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter

Pikkuvihreä Tumbling Composter is the king of all kitchen composters!

Tumbling Composter has a rolling drum which you can rotate to mix the compost mass and boost composting process. In addition, the Tumbling Composter is equipped with ventilation holes, sturdy wheels and matt black color to create the ideal conditions for speedy composting process.

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Johanna composter

Pikkuvihrea Johanna composter is a classic! A product that has been available already in the 90's is still the choice of many composting gurus. Johanna has a sturdy, however light-weight, frame that is made of recycled plastic. It is suitable for both kitchen and garden waste. Volume 330 l.

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Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash

Pikkuvihreä ProBio Bokash is the in-home composter for every household kitchen! ProBio Bokash composts all kitchen waste efficiently, even within 8 – 12 weeks. The operation of ProBio Bokash is based on an in-built double base of the Bokash bin. The ProBio Bokash uses biologically synergistic decomposing microbes that eat nutrients of kitchen waste, thus producing nutritious soil as end prodct.

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Globe composter

 Globe composter has a light (15mm) insulation. Suitable for household, dry toilet and garden waste. Volume 310 l

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Separett insulated composter

Separett composter is suitable for all kinds of biodegradable household waste from the kitchen or the toilet. Due to insulation, it can be used even in the winter.

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Winter shield for Johanna Composter

A winter shield for Johanna composter protects the compost from freezing at cold winter. During summertime, the winter shield can effortlessly be removed around the Johanna composter. 

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Green composter for toilet waste

Pikkuvihreä´s Green toilet waste composter is suitable for composting all kinds of toilet waste. The container separates the liquid from the solid waste and has a canister for collecting the excess liquid. The volume is 330 litres and Green has sturdy wheels for moving the container around.

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ProBio Tech Compost Booster tap package

The now popular ProBio Tech Compost Booster also available in a handy 3-liter tap package! The new tap package allows you to dispense only as much as you need without having to open the entire package.

ProBio accelerates the decomposition of all organic waste, such as food, household, garden and toilet waste. At the same time, it significantly reduces the unpleasant odors of any compost.

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Johanna compost mixer

Johanna compost mixer is a handy tool for taking care of the compost. With this sturdy mixer you can get air to the compost mass to speed up the process.

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SoloTop Green Good -composters

Solotop composters use innovative composting technology which allows for an automated and odorless process. Utilizing microbes and heat, food waste is transformed to nutrient-rich soil in only 24 hours. The one-touch control is fully automatic, sensing composting status and providing feedback and control to the operation without pre-setting a timer.

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SoloTop composter used models

Solotop composter is an efficient speed composter which turns organic household waste into mulch within 24 hours. Two model pieces available with a special price. Suitable eg. for a small cafe or a bistro.

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