Dry toilets

We at Pikkuvihreä have a long experience of different dry toilets and their usage in private homes, holiday cottages and in public places such as cafees, marinas and national parks. We offer a wide selection of dry toilets: composting, freezing, incinerating, separating etc. We know that there are various needs: number of users, disabled users, winter, no electricity etc. We can help you whether you are looking for dry toilet for your own cottage or to your business use.

Dry toilets

Green Toilet composting dry toilet
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Green Toilet 330 composting toilet

Green Toilet 330® is an ideal solution for many sites outside a sewage system and lacking running water and/or electricity. Green Toilet doesn't waste water and even the human waste can be reused ecologically as fertilizer. With an adequate number or spare containers, the Green Toilet has unlimited capacity. Green Toilet presentation video

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Piteco 506 dry toilet

Piteco 506 represents new generation in dry toilets: ease of use, odor-free and simple assembly. No electricity, no sewage - Piteco separates urine from the solid waste, has an effective ventilation system and an easy way of adding peat to the container.

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Piteco 905 dry toilet

New generation of peat toilets is here: Piteco 905. Due to careful design, Piteco is both easy to assembly and use as well as empty. It has a large container of 120 l which is especially necessary in large households or those who do not want to service the toilet often.

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Separett Villa 9000 urine separating toilet

With the Villa 9000, the standard for environmentally friendly toilets has been set higher than ever. In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, it is the equal of a modern WC in every way. The built-in, 2-speed fan expels odours and condensation from the toilet and bathroom quietly and effectively. The venting duct can be run straight through an outer wall.

MullToa 55 ai composting toilet
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MullToa 55ai

MullToa composting toilet system uses a powerful ventilator and heat for evaporating the liquid waste. Solid waste is composted to mulch inside the toilet. Suitable for 4 people for occasional use.

The new model Mulltoa 55ai has an auto-intelligence system, which takes care of the regulation of the composting process independently.

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Privetti freezing toilet

Privetti®- freezing toilet. No sewers, no ventilation - all you need is electricity. Biodegradable composting bags are delivered with the toilet. Pikkuvihrea's new Privetti model has a heated seat to give extra comfort and a sturdy handle to help moving the toilet.

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Green Toilet with porcelain pedestal

Green Toilet package with a porcelain pedestal, either urine-separating or non-separating. 

This is a good solution for sites where there is space below the bathroom available. The package includes the Green Toilet composting toilet container, a spare container, a porcelain pedestal, a quality duct fan, ventilation pipes with fixtures.

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Pikkuvihreä's Dry toilet package

Pikkuvihreä’s dry toilet package is a modern turnkey solution for homes and summer cottages! Equipped with electric duct fan, the dry toilet is completely odorless and thus pleasant to use. Thanks to its advanced design, the dry toilet is effortless to maintain as the ventilation pipes need not to be detached nor any tools are needed.    

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EcoFlush Ultra low flushing toilet

In some cases, a dry toilet is not an option, but did you know that the water toilet can also be more ecological. EcoFlush is a ultra-low-flushing toilet that can save up to 80 % of water compared to a normal water toilet. EcoFlush has been designed to minimize use of water for flushing and concentrate it only when it is needed. Thanks to EcoFlush’s innovation, tons of water, nature and money can be saved. EcoFlush can be installed instead of a normal water toilet anywhere.