Peat and covering materials

It is important to choose the right covering material and use it correctly to ensure the right operation of your dry toilet or composter. The peat or other dry material will absorb excess liquid waste and keep the mass loose enough.

Peat and covering materials

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Pellet for dry toilet

Ecological, wood-based pellet to be used in a dry toilet. Absorbs efficiently odours and moisture. Can be composted together with the toilet waste.

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Zinc Pellet Package

The Package includes a Finnish handmade zinc bucket, zinc ladle and bag of pellet for dry toilet. Excellent gift / starter pack to a new outhouse! 

GeoTrap ravinnesieppari
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GeoTrap - Nutrient Trap for dry toilet

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is special mineral sand that precludes nitrogen and phosphorus from getting to environment and thus prevent pollution of ground water and other water areas. The package includes 5 kilograms of the mineral sand. The package is plentiful enough to last up to 700 days of use with one user.