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Smart Splitter

Powerful and easy to use device for chopping firewood. Safe and suitable for the entire family. Splitting happens by moving the handlebar so the blade can not accidentally hit any body parts .

€125.00 €93.75 -25%
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Separett Villa 9020

The Villa 9020 is an urine separating toilet adapted for external collection of the solid toilet waste.

€978.00 €733.50 -25%
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Biolan Stone Composter

Biolan Stone composter can be used composting for all household waste. The shape and colour make the composter invisible in the garden.

€338.00 €249.00
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Portable toilet

Chemical toilet for job sites etc. Compatible with the state requirements. In regular use the toilet needs to be emptied once every 4 to 6 months.  Exterior 106cm x 106cm x 233cm. Interior 100cm x 100cm x 212cm.

€849.00 €509.40 -40%
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Tab filter

Filter to be installed directly to the tab. Improves the aroma and filters eg. 95% of chlorine. 

€58.50 €38.03 -35%
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Ravelli R 70- pellettitakka

Uusimme esittelyämme! Pellettitakka nyt poistohintaan!

Norm. hinta 2090,00€ !

Ravelli R 70- pellettitakka on tyylikäs ja tunnelmallinen lämmöntuoja. 
Takka voidaan liittää mihin tahansa olemassa olevaan hormiin. Pellettilämpö maksaa vain 5,5c/kwh kun öljy maksaa 11c/kwh ja sähkö n.15c/kwh.

HUOM! Kuljetuksesta tulee sopia erikseen! Ota yhteys liikkeeseemme.

€1,990.00 €1,640.00
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Drinking water filter JV Purifier 2

Removes foul smells and taste, possible viral or bacterial problems and impurities (such as sand, mud and rust) from drinking water. This package has sediment removal and carbon block filters.

€159.00 €111.30 -30%
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UV-3 Purifier

Watts UV- 3 produces high quality drinking water by using ultra- violet light. Ultraviolet light has been used for several years for purification of bottled water. Now you can get a top quality ultra -violet light for your home , your holiday home , RV or boat.

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Light beacon

Nice element to your garden: a light beacon ready to be plugged in. Handmade in Finland.

€420.00 €294.00 -30%
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Thetford Cassette tankcleaner

A powerful fluid for periodical cleaning and maintenance. Cassette Tank Cleaner easily removes calcium deposits that can form on the moving parts and walls of the waste-holding tank without any scrubbing! Cassette Tank Cleaner thoroughly cleans the waste-holding tank and prolongs its life span.

€12.00 €9.00
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Thetford Aqua rinse

Aqua Rinse is a multi-functional additive for the fresh water tank of your toilet. As well as providing a more effective flush, Aqua Rinse also helps to keep the flush water fresh, improving the hygiene of your toilet. Aqua Rinse also increases cleaning coverage of the bowl and blade.

€16.00 €13.00
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Toiletpaper holder (double)

Handmade, wooden toilet paper holder for two rolls. Dimensions: height 14 cm, width 30 cm, depth 9.5 cm. Fasteners and toilet paper not included.

€15.00 €9.00 -40%
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Mulltoa 15 composting toilet

MullToa is a toilet system that uses a powerful ventilator for drying the liquid waste and composts the solid waste.  Please note, ventilation pipe kit sold separately.

€1,240.00 €744.00 -40%
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SolarVenti Solar Panel SV14

SolarVenti solar air heater produces free air every time the sun shines. SolarVenti solar air heaters are ideal for holiday homes.

€1,142.00 €913.60 -20%
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SolarVenti Solar Panel SV7

SolarVenti solar air heaters are ideal for the summer cottages. The device recycles dry indoor air removing mold growth. The device does not require any specific maintenance.

SV7 be used for 15 -40m ² premises . The panel can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

€770.00 €616.00 -20%
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Bag Clam bagholder

Easily usable and installed bag holder that can be used for everything between garbage bags and shopping bags.

€8.00 €4.50