Compost booster

Wake up your composter in the spring and keep it going with our products. A composter that works well does not smell.

Compost booster

Pro Biotech kompostitehostin
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Pro Biotech Compost Booster

Pro Biotech is a totally natural booster for all composting: kitchen waste, dry toilets and garden composters. The operation is based on 100% organic microbes, which enhance the composting process significantly.

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Johanna compost mixer

Johanna compost mixer is a handy tool for taking care of the compost. With this sturdy mixer you can get air to the compost mass to speed up the process.

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Biological carbon bag

Biological carbon is safe, pure ad chemical-free product that contributes to growth of plants and accelerates composting process. Biological carbon suits all substrate and ground types. It binds water and nutrients to itself decreasing need for watering and unpleasant odor. 

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Winter shield for Johanna Composter

A winter shield for Johanna composter protects the compost from freezing at cold winter. During summertime, the winter shield can effortlessly be removed around the Johanna composter.