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Green Toilet Lux

Green Toilet Lux is a complete toilet solution with a porcelain pedestal.

This toilet solution is ideal for sites where there is space below the bathroom available. The package includes the Green Toilet composting toilet container, a spare container, a porcelain pedestal, a quality duct fan, ventilation pipes with fixtures.

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EcoFlush Ultra low flushing toilet

In some cases, a dry toilet is not an option, but did you know that the water toilet can also be more ecological. EcoFlush is a ultra-low-flushing toilet that can save up to 80 % of water compared to a normal water toilet. EcoFlush has been designed to minimize use of water for flushing and concentrate it only when it is needed. Thanks to EcoFlush’s innovation, tons of water, nature and money can be saved. EcoFlush can be installed instead of a normal water toilet anywhere.

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Chamber pot Ekopikkula

Chamber pot for temporary use (for example, during construction) or for night-time use at a holiday home or by a sickbed.

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GeoTrap Package - Grey water filter & Grease...

GeoTrap Grey Water Purifier and Grease Separating Well special offer! 

Pikkuvihreä´s GeoTrap utilizes a natural silicate mineral mass, GeoTrap in capturing nutrients (e.g. phosphorus, ammonium) from the waste water. GeoTrap has proven to have excellent results in purifying waste water in household use, for waste water from bathroom, sauna and kitchen. 

Green Toilet Family 120 composting toilet
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Green Toilet 120 Family composting toilet

Green Toilet Family is the smaller version of Green Toilets. It is suitable for eg. one family at a summer cottage. The container is equipped with wheels and a urine tube, so the emptying is easy and does not require special force. Look here: 

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GeoTrap - Nutrient Trap to dry toilet

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is special mineral sand that precludes nitrogen and phosphor from getting to environment and thus prevent pollution of ground water and other water areas. The package includes 9 kilograms of the mineral sand. The package is plentiful enough to last up to 700 days of use with one user.