Odour removal

Here you will find different products to remove and control the smell of dry toilet or a composter.

Odour removal

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ProBio Tech Odour Remover

ProBio Tech Odour Remover, is an excellent aid in eliminating unpleasant odours. The product is suitable for removing all organic odours, for example in toilets, stables, barns, piggeries and henhouses. 1 liter in a bottle.

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ProBio Tech Compost Booster tap package

The now popular ProBio Tech Compost Booster also available in a handy 3-liter tap package! The new tap package allows you to dispense only as much as you need without having to open the entire package.

ProBio accelerates the decomposition of all organic waste, such as food, household, garden and toilet waste. At the same time, it significantly reduces the unpleasant odors of any compost.

GeoTrap ravinnesieppari
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GeoTrap - Nutrient Trap for dry toilet

GeoTrap Nutrient Trap is special mineral sand that precludes nitrogen and phosphorus from getting to environment and thus prevent pollution of ground water and other water areas. The package includes 6 kilograms of the mineral sand. The package is plentiful enough to last up to 700 days of use with one user. 

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SeptiBio Biodegrader for septic tanks

SeptiBio is a special biodegrader made for septic tanks. SeptiBio prevents unpleasant odors effectively. It also makes the emptying of septic tanks easier.   

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Separett freshener for urine bowl

A freshner capsule for a urine bowl (eg. for Separett- separating toilet). Reduces build-up of lime phosphates in the pipes and the drain. Box contains 5 capsules.

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Duct fan 110mm ø

Duct fan for a dry toilet. Increases air conditioning efficiency. The duct fan has three step control (low, med, high). 

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